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Sinn is a platformer-puzzle game whose world has an unique feature: the light has a mystical power that can give to some individuals, the capability to move their

conscience between the physical and the shadow world. That's the case for our protagonist, Seele. 

Seele suddently is woken up by a mysterious voice and finds out that they are in an unknown world. In order to return to their home, Seele has to free the mysterious entity from her prision. 

In order to fulfill this mission, Seele will need to master the power of the light and enter the depths of the Temple of the Moonlight. 

Sinn is a wip videogame that we, the SleeplayZombies team, are developing as Capstone Project for the Videogame Creation Master's Degree that we took at the BSM Pompeu Fabra university in Barcelona. All the music and assets are custom made, and the game is being developed with a custom engine. 

We will upload the final game very soon, follow us and activate the notifications in order to stay tuned. Thank you very much for your support, we hope you enjoy the final result.

You can contact us for any questions:

- Alex Xamena - Art & Game Design - Linkedin

- Noa Durán - Art & Game Design - Linkedin

- Paula Sagrera - Art & Game Design - Linkedin

- Pablo Gómez - Programming & Game Design - Linkedin

- Martí Serrallonga - Programming & Game Design - Linkedin

- Marta Guerrero - Programming & Game Design - Linkedin

- Fernando Albillos - Programming & Game Design - Linkedin

- Irene Plass - BSO Composer & Producer - Email

- Pau Serrallonga - BSO Composer & Producer -

- Bailey Brinkley · Voice Actor -

- Francisco Mérida - Voice Actor -

You can find our soundtrack in Soundcloud

Thank you for your support!!



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